Tara Bisharat

An Earth and Space Architect

An Earth and Space Architect, Tara is a Licensed OAA Architect with experience in Germany and Canada. Tara’s project experience includes science and research centers, educational campuses, condominiums, and high-rise projects. Tara completed a Bachelor of Science in Architecture and a Master of Science in Space Architecture. She has a passion for designing and engineering habitats for extreme and extraterrestrial environments. Her field of study and research is in additive construction, both for Earth and beyond, focusing on systems engineering and mission planning for habitats that can be built in-situ using local materials and resources. Tara recently built a talented team with the aim to participate in architectural competitions and push the boundaries of creativity and design in the innovative world of construction. The team recently won an honorable mention award in the Initiative 99 by ICON for designing affordable housing using additive construction. [Website: www.concaveproject.com] Tara's Master Thesis was on MAERAL, Scalable, Versatile & Intelligent Swarm Robotic Systems for Mars Surface Operations. This research explored the use of swarm robotic systems to construct habitats on Mars, which could greatly reduce the time and cost of building structures on the planet's surface. She is an active member of the Space Architecture Technical Committee at the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA), SpaceArchitect.org, the Canadian Aeronautics and Space Institute (CASI), and the ASTM.org Technical Committee on Additive Manufacturing Technologies. Tara also hosts the podcast "From the Outpost," featuring conversations with experts on subjects related to architecture, science, and space.