Jinsong Shen

De Montfort University

Jinsong (Jim) Shen is Professor of Textile Chemistry and Biotechnology at the School of Fashion and Textiles, and Head of Textile Engineering And Materials (TEAM) Research Group, De Montfort University. He holds BSc and MSc degrees in textile chemistry from Donghua University and a PhD in protein chemistry from the University of Leeds. While at the University of Leeds, Jinsong conducted the fundamental research to understand the protein structure of wool fibre. Since joining TEAM research group in 1994, Prof. Shen has extensively involved in the research of protein materials, development of biotechnology for the textile wet processes and textile effluent treatments, and functional finishing to enhance fibre properties and fabric performance. His current interests lie in the areas of textile biotechnology, sol-gel technology, nanotechnology and flame retardant technology, and their applications leading to the development of protective garments and multifunctional materials. Prof. Shen has been involved in a number of international and national research projects including UK TSB LPTSM, UK AHRC LEBIOTEX, UK DEFRA WOOLCAT, EU COST ACTION 847, EU FP5 BIOEFFTEX and PROTEX, EU FP6 ENZUP and EU FP7 SAFEPROTEX projects. Prof. Shen has coordinated two large EU collaborative projects in the research of bio-engineering to produce enzymes with specific activities which offer exciting opportunities for development of functional materials.