Sharareh Salar-Behzadi


Sharareh Salar-Behzadi is Assoc. Professor at the department of pharmaceutical technology and biopharmacy, University of Graz, and key researcher at Research Center Pharmaceutical Engineering (RCPE) GmbH (, Graz, Austria. She studied pharmacy and received her PhD from University of Vienna in pharmaceutical formulation and process development. She was afterwards a post-doctoral fellow at the same university for 6 years. She joined RCPE GmbH in 2011 and the University of Graz as lecturer in 2014, and later as Assoc. Professor in 2020. Her interest is in pharmaceutical material science, solid state, structure-function analysis of pharmaceutical excipients, with a focus on lipid-based drug delivery systems, and their application in additive manufacturing for patient-centric product development. Sharareh has worked with a large number of pharmaceutical, excipient, and equipment companies and received significant funding for her work in lipid-based drug delivery systems. Her publication record encompasses over 60 peer-reviewed publications and 5 patents in this field.”